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Lay Ministries Schedule
How Can I Volunteer?
About Lay Ministries
Lay ministries provide us all
with the opportunity to
participate in worship service. 
Look below for details on the
service opportunities available.
Are you scheduled to serve?   Check the lay ministry schedule to find out.

You may speak with the leader of the ministry that interests you, any member of the Bishop's Committee, or Padrecita Jeanne.
Acolytes assist the Presider and other worship leaders throughout our worship services. Acolytes serve as crucifer (cross bearer), thurifer (incense bearer) and at the altar during Holy Communion.  We use both youth and adult acolytes.
The Altar Guild is the liturgical partner of the priest, preparing and caring for the objects used in worship.  The members of the Altar Guild are part of an unbroken tradition reaching back to the faithful women who provided for Jesus during his lifetime. 
Altar Guild
Eucharistic Ministers
Eucharistic Ministers are worship assistants during the celebration of Holy Communion. They serve the cup of wine (chalice) to those who come to share in the bread and wine of Communion.  A Eucharistic Minister must be confirmed and be a communicant of the particular congregation in which he or she will serve
Lectors are worship assistants who read the assigned scriptures during our worship on Sunday mornings. Their careful reading of the words of scripture allows the congregation to hear what God is saying to us each time we come together for worship.
First Reader: Old Testament lesson, psalm
Second Reader: New Testament (or second) lesson, Prayers of the People
Our Hospitality volunteers serve refreshments during the Fellowship hour following Sunday service.  They also assist with special events that take place periodically.  Theirs are the hands that prepare the food we all enjoy.

Eucharistic Visitors
A Eucharistic Visitor is a lay person authorized to take the Consecrated Elements to members of the congregation who, by reason of illness or infirmity, were unable to be present at the Celebration.  A Eucharistic Visitor must be confirmed and be a communicant of the particular congregation in which he or she will serve. 
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