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The article above appeared in the Advent 2014 edition of “The Faithway” newsletter from The Church of the Holy Faith, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Story by James Overton
Photographs by Tim Roberts and Janet McCroskey
Bishop Vono: On 24 Apr 2010, the Right Reverend Dr. Michael L Vono was elected 9th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande. You may read his biography here.
Bishop Vono's his own words                6 December 2010)

Being conscious of our belief that the Church pursues its mission as it prays and worships, proclaims the Gospel, and promotes justice, peace and love and that the Church carries out its mission through the ministry of all its members, along with all of you, I will recommit myself to this sacred trust on October 22nd.

As I wrote to you after the election and reaffirm once again, serving as your chosen Bishop-elect, I am enthusiastically looking forward to joining you in the work you have begun, a profound spiritual witness of reconciliation, new life and healing, strengthening the bonds of affection and love in Christ among all God’s people.  I look forward to the wonderful life-giving challenges we will undertake together as we live into the Diocese of the Rio Grande’s visionary identity as Christ Jesus’ missionary and transformational people in New Mexico and Southwest Texas.

We will proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God; we will pray, teach, admonish, Baptize and willingly serve the needs of all Christ’s poor; we will celebrate the Sacraments and at the one table of Christ be nourished by Christ’s body and blood; by example we will strengthen each other and all God’s people to grow into becoming ‘servant-leaders’; we will inspire and daily encourage Christ’s flock to be a witnessing people of faith, hope, trust, joy and love; we will nurture a spirit of generosity in reaching out to each other and to our neighbors, humbly transcending all superficial differences of this earthly life.

And finally, by the grace of God, we will clearly see ourselves as one people redeemed by Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, and in the Risen Lord live as one global Christian family, living into our grace-filled heritage of celebrating our oneness in and through our unique diversity as a dynamic Anglican Communion, respecting the contemporary witness of the Episcopal Church.

All this we will do trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and committing ourselves to the apostolic teaching and ministry of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Our challenges will be our greatest blessings.

“For you I am the Bishop, with you I am a Christian.”
About The Rt Reverend Dr Michael L Vono (Bishop, Diocese of the Rio Grande)

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