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About Our Outreach
How Can I Volunteer?
Why Volunteer?
Our outreach ministries give us
the opportunity to put our
faith into practice, by giving
from our abundance to those
with greater need.
As part of our mission as a faith community, we aim to serve the Lord and our community with Thanksgiving.
You may speak with the leader of the ministry that interests you, any member of the Bishop's Committee, or Padrecita Jeanne.
El Paso Rescue Mission
For more than 60 years, the Rescue Mission of El Paso has served as a member of the local body of Christ in proclaiming the Gospel to the poor and displaced while demonstrating the love of Christ in assisting persons with physical needs of food, clothing, shelter, counseling, education and vocational training.
Please donate your non-perishable food items, and hotel/sample size toiletries, to assist the Rescue Mission residents.  There is a table in Myrick Hall where you can leave your items.  If you'd like further info or would like to help with this outreach, contact Jane Breedlove.
Davenport Elementary School serves the community of Westway in Northwest El Paso County.  It is unique in having one of the highest grandparent volunteer rates in the region.  Many students have been identified as having financial need.  We have the opportunity to help these students as they go back to school this fall, by providing a shopping spree for new clothing.  We are collecting donations with the goal of providing $60 per student for at least 50 students.  Please be generous:  sponsor one, two, three, or more students.  Any amount will make a difference.  Indicate on your check or envelope "STUDENT OUTREACH."  For more information or to help with this outreach, contact AC Sanders.
Canutillo Back-to-School

6280 Los Robles Dr
El Paso, TX 79912